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Domestic Violence
Children Issues


Based in London, the firm acts for clients across the UK and internationally who are embarking on divorce or separation or dissolution of a civil partnership. The firm advises on all areas of family and children’s law, including the creation of alternative family structures.

We aim to help our clients divorce or separate with dignity, and to keep bad feeling to a minimum.

However, we know that some cases are bound to be contentious, and our team is skilled at handling any family litigation delicately and with discretion, but with appropriate firmness where circumstances demand.

Our clients include City professionals, entrepreneurs, owners of family businesses, landowners, celebrities and the independently wealthy, along with their spouses/partners.

Domestic Violence

Injunctions to stop verbal abuse, physical abuse, violence and threats from partners or family members. We are able to act quickly to obtain emergency protection without the other side knowingnowing

Children Issues

Advice and help to secure:

  • Contact with children
  • Residence and secure living arrangements for children
  • Orders to prevent removal from the country
  • Social Services involvement with children
  • Child protection and care proceedings


Help and Advice on:

  • Your position when marriage has or may come to an end
  • Advice about finances on divorce
  • Separation and separation agreements



Help and advice on arrangements for shared property for those not married or in a civil partnership.

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